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Renting artworks 
Do you have an office space or a restaurant that needs some character? Take your time and live with the piece of art. Decide how convicted you are about the work in the context of where it will be displayed. The best part is, you can always return the piece and replace it with another which you feel might be more suited to your space.
Art insurance  
Why you might need art insurance
  • Whether it's paintings, sculptures, or photographic prints, your art collection may be worth more than you think and may not be covered by your existing home insurance.
  • You might have recently inherited or been gifted some valuable art pieces.
  • You would prefer to display your art in your home to enjoy it rather than hide it away in a safe.
Exhibition services 
Art spaces equipment rental, installation & service. Easily transformable modular art walls exposition system. Wide range of extras and additional services.
Art space renting
We help to rent art spaces for you exhibition. 
Online school painting 
5 to 80 years old start artists
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